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Friday Ramblings

This week it finally feels like life things are really looking up. I'm typing this on the deck, just soaking up the sun. I did this during nap time yesterday, too. I used to lay in bed during nap, trying to nap or watching tv. Now I'm not supposed to lay down because of my reflux, and so my nap time is different. But with this weather, it's definitely a better different. 

Where we live is so weird. In some ways it feels like so private and secluded. Sometimes it's so, so quiet. And at night it gets so dark. But right now the wind is blowing and my wind chimes are going nuts. They were a gift from my in laws - pretty sea glass chimes that I wanted to keep inside to keep them safe but I ultimately decided outside, and they've held up for years. We live by a highway so all the cars are just speeding along. No rush hour traffic yet. 
My mom used to always say things like sunshine and fresh air are the best medicine. So every day this week, I went out for my medicine. U…

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