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Back To School

It's hard to believe it's finally here but in just a few short days, summer break will be officially over, and the kids will be back in school. We had some off days here and there and the last couple weeks I've felt like I've been running on fumes, but as a whole it was my favorite summer yet. The kids are both such fun ages, and this was the first summer where they'd spend chunks of time playing together without me. Of course, there was still lots of refereeing involved but an awesome milestone none the less ;) 

We had lots of fun at various playgrounds, splash pads and play dates with friends. Some of the notable places we visited were Roer's Zoofari, Frying Pan Farm Park, Great Country Farms, Great Falls Park, Meadowlark Botanic Gardens, the National Zoo, and the National Aquarium. We visited the beach early in the summer, and it was such a huge hit that we decided to take them again for a couple nights later this month. Hartley did three weeks of summer cam…

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